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Our aim is to make this site specifically for those who love to fish. For the serious angler, those who fish for fun, the novice or those who wish to learn; this site will be for them. With this site we are aiming to gather together all the information you need for you to do just that. With information as to seasons, permits, fees, times and facilities.  
The supplies you need; tackle, live and frozen bait will be found within the pages advertising the local shops, many of whom offer a pre-ordering service to save any disappointment due to the lack of your favourite item.
For those intending to stay over, being able to locate what is available in the way of Hotels, B&Bs or Camping Parks, within this site will save an extra trip through yet more sites or directories.
All the information will have contact numbers, addresses and, where possible, links to E-mail and Web sites for easy access.
By aiming to bring all this information together in this way we will also be helping the Hotels, B&Bs, Fisheries and Tackle Shops by making them easily accessible to new and old customers alike; this is especially advantageous to the smaller businesses as they can often be missed in the general way of things.


And the best thing is that; FishingScotland is not just for the peak holiday and fishing seasons, it is for all year round,
We hope you will enjoy your visit to the FishingScotland web site and if you would like to let us know of any particular recommendations or information that you feel will help make our site the place to visit for all future fishing forays, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be delighted to hear from you. On each area of Scotland, you click on, the opening page will give you some information pertaining to that area.


Fly Fishing tackle

A list of the type of tackle you need to get you started on this fantastic sport called Fly Fishing

Identifying Trout

To help uyou identify the various species of trout we go fishing for

Fisheries and Tackle Shops

To the Fisheries and Tackle Shops out there

If you are in the business in anything angling related, we can and will offer you the best advertising tailored rates to suit your needs. At FishingScotland believe our rates will offer the best value for your money. Now Including Web Page Design, Implementation and Maintenance. Also full Web Hosting and Maintenance.


Happy Fishing and Tight Lines when you get out there


We hope to bring you all the information you will need to have an enjoyable time concentrating on your fishing. Tackle to use, lines, leaders and flies. Help us to help you. feed back is important. So have your views expressed here..

Information on how to set up correct leaders, the go to flies for the time of year.

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